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1 février 2009    Observations des usages

Publié par Laurent Neyssensas

Short-distance learning [keeping track of information]

I’m in a technology/strategic watch class with 3rd year interaction design students. I have just made a verbal report about Imaginer 2015, a meeting organized by Media & Networks – a cluster which brings together players from information, telecommunications and audio-visual technologies – endeavoring to bring the fore the main issues addressed there and to list related keywords. We discuss how tricky it proves to go from solliciting a digital native’s attention to actually grasping it.

All seated in front of their computers, students have adopted three different behaviors: Careful Listening , Multitask Drifting Listening (1) or a Remote Listening (2). Later on – during the break – I stop by the teaching coordinators’ office and start a conversation with my co-workers about the link between the types of design promoted by Apple and Braun. One of my fellow teachers, Patrick Chesneau, then sends me via e-mail a link towards the site he has just shown to me. The class starts again. Heads lowered, the students’eyes are all riveted to their computers, actively seeking for websites related to the Dream Orange watch (topic of their latest presentations held on June 18). Since I am now in possession of an interesting link and of some information relevant to our watch activities, I could interrupt their research/work by projecting the website on the video-screen or instantly posting an article on our watch-dedicated website. Instead I opt for Microblogging and post the link right away without any comment on Twitter. It’s only a matter of seconds before one of the students raises his head and cracks a smile to one of his fellow-students. Some of them follow my Twitter account and some don’t. Edouard passes on the information on Twitter via another link. I make a verbal account of what is happening:

* a real-time visualization of a piece of information via the network
* a passage from sollicitation to attention
* a real-life experiment for interaction designers to seize
* something very funny

On Thursday 12 at lunch break during the Ateliers de la Recherche en Design and RIDesign, just before my lecture about RFID chips I find myself discussing the digital natives’ deep attention with science historian Michel Cotte and « datataintmentor»  Grégoire Cliquet. I relate this anecdote.

1 the student is listening, doing somehting else in the meantime but still nods / responds to some keywords.

2 the student no longer listens and is busy doing something else

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13 juin 2008    Observations des usages

Publié par Laurent Neyssensas

L’apprentissage à distance courte [traçace d'information]

this article is also available in English here thanks to Morgane Saysana

Cours de veille, Hypermedia 3. Je viens de faire un bref compte-rendu de la réunion Imaginer 2015 du pôle image et réseaux, en essayant d’en dégager les axes , thèmes et mots clefs. Nous évoquons les difficultés de passer de la sollicitation à l’attention chez les Digital Native.

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